The best GPS manufacturers and their innovations

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Global Positioning system lovingly called a GPS is the need of the hour today considering the rising traffic and globalization. Whether you are travelling in your local area and need to get the updates on traffic or travelling through an unknown locale and want to know the shortest route to your destination, GPS is there for all your queries.


The GPS is available as Smartphone App, integrated factory fitted GPS system in cars or standalone portable GPS system gadget. Before picking up the best GPS system to match your requirement, you should know about the brand and manufacturer of the GPS system. Below are some of the top GPS device manufacturers.


“Built to last” with this tagline, Garmin showcases its current GPS quality and future dependability. A leader in manufacturing navigation systems Garmin is having 50 branches all over the world and this global presence is a testament to its success in the field of GPS manufacturing. Garmin has been manufacturing navigation systems for not only the automotive market but is supplying its navigation systems to aviation and marine sectors as well.

The wide demand of Garmin products speaks itself about their superior quality, innovative designs, and user-friendly functionality. The latest invention done by Garmin is the use of WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation system) which improves the precision at less than three meters.



Established in 1991, Tom-Tom pioneered the PND (Portable Navigation Device) and revolutionized navigation for millions of travelers with its affordability and accuracy. Tom-Tom’s fleet management solution known as WEBFLEET is used by around 6 million drivers across the world. Tom-Tom has its offices spread across 58 countries globally. Apart from manufacturing state-of-the-art navigation devices like Tom-Tom Go Live Bluetooth GPS navigator, Tom-Tom recently launched its GPS sports watch that has helps swimmers, athletes, and cyclists providing them the vital information to show their performance. Another feather in the crown is the telematics solutions, it provides on a global scale.



Magellan is also Known As MiTAC Digital Corporation was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. Magellan is an industry leader in manufacturing portable GPS solutions. Some of its key inventions in navigation field are.

  • Built on Android OS, Roadmate RV 9490T-LMB is an award winning GPS tool for RVing.
  • Maestro™ series portable car navigation products
  • Magellan Triton® and eXplorist® outdoor handheld navigation devices
  • Roadmate App developed for iPhone.

These are the top GPS navigation tools manufacturers and I expect that this information will help you to take a right decision in picking a GPS device for your needs.

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