Are convertible car seats worth the increased price?

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By definition, a convertible car seat is a product with a limited usage period. You might wonder, thus, how come there are such big price differences between products in this category and if paying more on one will actually translate into a real advantage. To answer this question, let’s take a look at what purposes a convertible car seat is supposed to serve, and see if there can exists higher or lower levels of meeting those requirements.


fr9First of all, a convertible car seat is a small basket used to keep a child safe during a car ride. As all these products have to respect the safety standards imposed by the legislator in order to make it on the shelves. Therefore, all the seats sold by authorized retailers ensure the minimum safety features. However, there are a few extra advantages in a 5-point harness, for example, or in extra padding on the side on such a seat that will increase the level of safety. Is that worth more money? Any parent should be able to know the answer.

Secondly, a convertible car seat is supposed to make the transition from the infant car seat to the booster level, so they are the all-in-one product that will replace two or more car seats for each growth stage of a baby. Which lead us to the conclusion that such a car seat should be versatile enough to not be too loose for an infant, but also not to squash your kid once he’s grown. Do all convertible car seats respect these features? Probably not. The truth is a too wide or too small seat end up to be a loss of money even though it cost you fairly little at first.

All cars are equipped with a special system that allows you to install a car seat for your child, but not all car seats can be installed and uninstalled with the same ease. The number of tethers, latches, buttons and buckles is essential, for it dictates the time you spend fighting them. Excessive adornments that are only meant to falsely inflate the impression of safety are the last thing you should pay for.

What we meant to state in this article is that differences, as long as they are relevant and change the mere quality of a product, should at least be acknowledged. You can chose a cheaper convertible car seat and have a great experience of it throughout all the years you’ll be using it, there’s no doubt about that. But should the worst happen, wouldn’t you consider the possibility that a higher quality might have behaved better?



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