Who makes the best flat irons?

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The beauty products market is immense and finding new ways to impress and conquer the hearts of the clients. Hair care tools manufacturers constantly improve their machines and that makes it more and more difficult to find and stick to one good option. So which brand produces the best flat irons? After extensive research, I had  to choose between GHD and Sedu. My pick was the first, and here’s why.


First of all, GHD is a well-renowned, prolific hair care products manufacturer that has spent more than a decade developing new technologies and combining new materials and features into its products.  When so many celebrities use a certain brand, there is little doubt about the fact that you’re dealing with the top brass. In 2013, GHD gave women everywhere the six-sensored hair straightener Eclipse, that would be crowned leader of the flat iron market.


Not only that the GHD products demonstrate a high regard for the different types of hair and their specific needs, but they are also designed to work fast and efficiently. The ceramics and titanium plates that they use for most of their models, combined with the groundbreaking tri-zone technology that uses special sensors to control the temperature make it possible for every hair type to look and feel healthy and beautiful.


fr12The best GHD flat irons also have great safety features, from automatic sleeping mode that turn on after 30 minutes of idleness, and plate guards that allow you to pack the straightener without having to let it cool down. Aside from these reassuring characteristics, GHD shows special consideration for manufacturing products that are easy to use and render the best results with the least of efforts. The plates heat up fast and remain a manageable temperature, in order to avoid the painful accidental burns that are almost impossible to dodge on busy days. What’s more, they have created a versatile design to help you diversify your hairstyle: thanks to the rounded edges and the plate’s width, you can easily use your straightener to create natural-looking waves and curls.




GHD is an experienced manufacturer dedicated to constantly improve their products and help you get the best out of your hair with the minimum of effort. While there are others that produce good hair styling tools, GHD covers a wide range of such items, and their quality speaks for the company’s reliability.

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