How to use a hair dryer without damaging your hair

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A blow dryer is designed to make your hair look great and manageable. Although the main function of the hair dryer is to style your hair to look attractive. If used very frequently and carelessly it can damage your hair with some devastating and permanent effects. So, you not only have to look for certain features while picking up the best hair dryer but also need to use it at optimum settings.


By following these tips, you can prevent your hair from getting damaged.


Buy a dryer with multiple heat settings

You can find a plethora of hair dryers in the market catering to grooming and styling products. The lower-end models will have only a single setting for temperature and flow. You have to be very careful and manually control the hair drying while styling your precious hair. These economical models can overheat and over dry the hair ending up in a frizzy head.

Pick a hair dryer with a range of temperature settings like low, medium and high to choose from. Another accessory to look for is the nozzle and diffuser that will help to spread the dryer air evenly on the hair.


Hair-dependent heat setting

People make the mistake of using the same amount of heat for any kind of hair, be it a thin hair or thick hair. To prevent any damage to the hair, always select the hot temperature for rough and thick hair. For thinner and fragile hair you can select low heat setting.


Use of hair protection products

fr3Before exposing your hair to the heat of hair dryer, it is recommended to get your hair pre-treated with a good, silicone based cream or spray. The cream will give a protection layer over the hair and will prevent excessive heating effects.



Hair Blow drying Tips

You must not start hair drying in any random manner. Follow these Blow drying tips, to eliminate any chance of hair damage.

  • If you have a long hair, blow dry your hair by partitioning in manageable sections.
  • Always start the hair dryer at low temperature and when the hair dries up 50 percent, you can set the desired temperature according to the texture of your hair.
  • Use the diffuser so that hot air reaches the roots of hair evenly through the fingers of the diffuser.
  • And finally set the hair dryer to cool position to blow cool air on the hair and skin which has been exposed to heat for some time.

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