Water filtration vacuum cleaners – are they really worth it?

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The main difference between a water filtration vacuum cleaner and a bagged or a filter vacuum cleaner is that the first one passes the sucked flow of air and dirt through a canister of water which retains the dirt and eliminates only the air. While this technology seems to have its advantage, most buyers are reserved because of their high price. So are the vacuum cleaners that use water filtration worth the investment? We will begin by analyzing some of the advantages of water filtration.

First of all, as using water as a filter means you will have no more need of bags and normal filters, you will never spend money on them ever again, and this results in the first advantage: no additional costs, except for the water that goes in the tank. Another problem for the classic bagged vacuum cleaner owners was the constant clogging of the filters that needed to be cleaned constantly. With this type of machine, though, all you have to do is empty and refill the tank, and you’re good to go. Most water filtration vacuums also have a good suction power, and while on other machines, the pet hair tends to escape or even resist suction, the water filtration vacuum will pick it up and keep it down.


On the other hand, while the empty-and-refill system seems to be highly convenient and money-saving, at the end of a cycle you will still have a canister filled with dirty water and wet lint. Messy is the perfect way to describe the refilling process, and we’re just not sure we can see an advantage here. Secondly, carrying around a vacuum with a filled, heavy bag can be quite a drag while cleaning, but add a few gallons of water, and you’ll feel like you’ve been tricked. Finally, water and electric power is never a fail safe combination. Accidents happen, and in a machine like this, water leaks can even be life-threatening.


Some people might find that the advantages on a water filtration vacuum beat the disadvantages, but in our opinion, all those features seem more like advertising stunts designed to make you spend triple, rather than veritable advantages. However, we are sure that you can find cheaper models among the several hundred dollars ones, and maybe then the sacrifice won’t be so big.

Here’s a closer look at how one of these vacuums work:

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