Whistler radar detectors are the best in my opinion

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Police officers in the area keep on the lookout for speeders. ----- A Police Highway Unit Officer pulls over an alleged speeder Tuesday, July 24, 2007 on Veterans Road West in Charleston. Michelle Arout, 17, was killed when the car she was riding in and a Ford Mustang crashed at a high rate of speed Monday nightMy driving record was getting worse with a number of speeding tickets. My earlier radar detector had been a terrible waste since traffic cops get their gadgets upgraded with radio systems. To counter these latest speed limiting gadgets, I needed an enhanced radar detector that could save me from the speeding tickets. After doing extensive research, I zeroed on the latest model of Whistler radar detector. In my opinion, this is the best radar detector I have ever used since I whizz on the highway but manage to control the speed just in time. I feel so amazing.


Let me share with you some of the vital features of my favorite Whistler radar detectors.


  • Whistler radars are not only capable but quickest among all the available models in this class of detecting latest instant-on radars. The alerting ramps and trailing alerts of whistler are worth mentioning.
  • With hi-tech and redesigned antennas, the whistler radars are the best in announcing the presence of police radar. The radars have grown in popularity across the countries and continents due to its sophisticated technology. The unique feature of whistler is its ability to display pulse rates of police lasers.
  • To avoid the collision with K-band radars, Whistler radars are equipped with FDSR (field disturbance sensor rejection) that informs you in advance about the possible collision with K-band systems.
  • The latest Whistler radars like CR93 have equipped GPS photo enforcement database, which can be updated at home with bundled USB to Mini-D cable. In addition to the speed cameras, a Whistler radar updates you about the red-light cameras.
  • Some models can also detect speed cameras.
  • The range and the sensitivity of Whistler radar detectors are 20 to 30 percent better than other flagship brands. These cost-effective radars provide sensitivity to k and ka bands effectively.
  • The Whistler display is equipped with a crisp OLED display which can be read even in brightest of the sunlight.
  • The warning systems of whistler radars are awesome. The radars are armed with backup alarm LED flash systems in case you miss the verbal alerts or squealing of the unit.
  • The Whistler radars are elegantly designed and light in weight. The radars come with comfortable mounting.


The whistler radar is a clear winner in the category of radars under $200. The radar outclasses the expensive radars considering the premium features like detection of a wide range of laser as well as radar frequencies, the robustness of the unit, user-friendly interface and inbuilt facility of red light intersection cameras and accurate GPS databases.

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